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Raysha Cleaning Services is a Malaysian company that offers house cleaning services and apartment / condominium. We understand the importance of having a clean environment so that you and your family can live comfortably in a hygienic environment. We are also aware that people nowadays are preoccupied with work, family obligations, and activities, resulting in a lack of time and energy to clean the property after a long day's work. This is where Raysha Cleaning Services can assist you in cleaning your place efficiently and thoroughly, allowing you and your loved ones to live comfortably in a clean environment. Contact us today for a free quote and let us help you clean your house or apartment / condominium in an efficient and cost-effective manner! We can assist you with cleaning services in Malaysia!

Affordable & Efficient House & Condominum Cleaning Services in Malaysia

Weekly (Most Popular)

Our cleaners will come to your property weekly to clean your place.

Every Other Week

Our cleaners will come to your property every other week to clean your place.

Once a Month

Our cleaners will come to your property once a month to clean your place.

The Process of House Cleaning Services in Malaysia

We, Raysha Cleaning Services, always do a fantastic and thorough job of cleaning our clients’ houses. Our House Cleaning Services Involve the following Processes:

Thorough Dusting

Our experienced cleaners will first dust and wipe all surfaces with a moist cotton cloth, including hardwood, glass, plastic, and metal surfaces. They will clean and dust the light fixtures, ceiling fans, air conditioners, mirrors, and stairwell railings. The table and cabinet tops, open shelves, hardwood furniture, and other appliances will come next. Through comprehensive dusting, we ensure that your home is dust-free, mite-free, bug-free, and pest-free.

Thorough Vacuuming

Sweeping via a broom on a regular basis is insufficient to remove all of the dust in the house. The vacuum is the ideal tool for keeping your home dust-free. Our skilled cleaners can easily remove dust from your cushioned couch, furniture and cushions by using a vacuum. They will also vacuum your carpets and rugs, leaving them dust, mite and bug-free. They will then vacuum every nook and corner of your home, even the most tough to reach areas such as your living room, bedrooms and dining room. This guarantees that your home is completely clean.

Thorough Mopping

The most difficult part is mopping flooring the parquet flooring of a house. This needs careful mopping. If the mop is too wet, the parquet flooring is easily spoilt and damaged. Our professional house cleaners are given special training in this service. They will mop the parquet flooring carefully, ensuring not to damage it. For the tiled flooring, mopping is made easier. With a good floor detergent, our professional house cleaners will remove all the grime and stains from the floor.

Thorough Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom needs to be cleaned meticulously. Our professional cleaners will use a special detergent to scrub the tiled walls of the bathroom. Then using a good brush and water, they will wash off the detergent. In doing so, the tiled wall will regain in shine and brilliance. The taps, sink and countertop will be scrubbed and washed in the same way. The toilet bowl is scrubbed and washed thoroughly to remove all grime, dirt and stains. The toilet and bathroom floor will be scrubbed with a brush using some detergent and finally washed off completely leaving a squeaky clean floor. Next, all the walled tiles, sink, countertop, toilet bowls and the tiled floor will be wiped dry making it non-slippery.

Thorough Kitchen Cleaning

Another area that needs meticulous cleaning is the kitchen which is often greasy and dirty especially after cooking each meal. First, our professional house cleaners will clean and wipe off all dirt, grime and stains from the kitchen countertops and all surfaces with a damp cotton cloth and the use of a little detergent. Next, all the kitchen appliances are similarly cleaned. These include the refrigerators, washing machine, dish washer machine, microwave, oven, toaster, air-fryer, the stove and the sinks as well. Our professional cleaners will also empty all your garbage bins to ensure a rodent-free and pest-free environment. They are trained to be health conscious. So they will wash and dry all your unwashed leftover dishes, used pots and greasy pans in your sink and kitchen. Your kitchen will be squeaky clean and completely pest-free – free from lizards, cockroaches, ants and even rats.

Spring Cleaning

Our special cleaning services include more meticulous and more specialized services such as performing a thorough and complete spring cleaning of the whole house. This means using a long pole to remove all the spider webs accumulated in and around the corners of your ceilings and walls. Our cleaners will use a vacuum for the lower areas of the ceiling and walls. This is followed by dusting and wiping of all the surfaces. Our cleaners will wipe and clean all your windows and glass sliding doors. The glass panes will be wiped with a glass cleaning liquid and wet newspapers and wiped dry. They will use a damp cotton absorbent cloth to wipe off the dust and dirt from the metal grilles and mosquito netting (if any). Our professional cleaners will wipe all lightings, ceiling fans and air conditioners. They will wipe and clean all plastic bathroom doors and wooden bedroom and kitchen doors. They will vacuum all tiled and parquet floors as well. After that, they will mop accordingly.

Polishing of Wooden Surfaces and Leather Sofa

Special cleaning services may also include special polishing of wooden furniture and all wooden surfaces such as wooden panels, wooden doors, wooden cabinets, wooden cupboards and wardrobes. Our professional cleaners can also polish your leather sofa if required.

Cleaning of Bed Linen

Special cleaning services may also include the cleaning of mattresses, comforters and blankets. Our professional cleaners are trained in doing this job well. They can also change your bedsheets, pillow cases and bolster cases for you.

Re-arranging of Household Stuff

Our professional cleaners are also trained in arranging and re-arranging your household stuff such as your wardrobe if you want. They are trained to keep all household things neat and tidy. They can help you to discard old, unused and unwanted things which clutter up your house. They can help you to sort out, organize and stack up neatly all your everyday stuff. A neat and tidy house without any clutter makes life more pleasant, cozy and more pleasurable.

Laundry Service

Special cleaning services may also include laundry service. Our professional cleaners will put the soaked clothes into the washing machine and then hang them up to dry after they have been washed. They will also fold the ready dry clothes and put them neatly away. Ironing of bedsheets, curtains and clothes can be requested if desired.

Cleaning of Outdoor Area

Special cleaning services may also include outdoor cleaning. Our professional cleaners will scrub the porch area, the balcony/verandah with a special detergent to remove stubborn stains. Then the porch and balcony are mopped dry to make sure these areas are not wet and slippery. They will scrub the drains around the house (if any) to ensure a thoroughly clean environment. They will also clean any garden furniture (if any). Special cleaning services may also include weed pulling from potted plants and garden (if any).

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